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After a short time you will have built up a list of clients and if you do not keep in touch regularly with them, the chances are that they will have put you to the back of their minds. Why not send out an email to remind them that you still exist and then tell them about all of the new services that you still have to offer.

We are confident you will not find a better bunch of programmers, so why not get in touch by completing the form below, or telephoning us on 01292 478633 or emailing us directly on

Email marketing campaigns

What better way to stay in touch with your clients then to drop them an email or newsletter, keeping them up to date with your latest offers and services.

We have written our own software that can send as many emails as you want and in whatever format you choose. The email addresses would come from a database, which adheres to the new GDPR guidelines, with the un-subscribe facility which removes the relevant email addresses. We could also integrate a newsletter sign up box on to your website, should you wish.
We can give you training to manage and send out emails yourself, or alternatively, we can send them out for you (you just need to tell us what you would like to say to your clients and we will do the rest).

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